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Together, we can help families lead happy, healthy lives

The Solé of the Community is a non-profit advocacy non-profit dedicated to empowering single parents and children. We wish to provide community education and programs that empower individuals and promote community respect and self-determination for families by empowering families with information, referrals, training, and support that will provide hope and solutions. We strive to ensure that every family has the necessary resources to succeed. Our purpose is to provide our communities with the education available to go beyond their current circumstances. We inspire people to prevent substance misuse, lower poverty, and provide mental health support and wellness. We want to be a community resource and empowerment center that embodies the community’s most incredible dreams and aspirations.

CommUNITY Programs

Advocacy & Prevention

Nutrition, Wellness & Mental Health

Support Groups

Support families to ensure they have the resources and support needed to achieve better living outcomes and overall well-being.

To provide counsel to individuals that need nutritional base services, special education, early intervention services, and disability services. As well as promote a happy and healthy home and future.

We arrange a safe space to discuss and resolve current obstacles and meet potential opportunities with other like-minded people in similar situations.

We strive to ensure that every family has the  necessary resources needed to succeed!

Our Mission

Our Mission

We strive to empower single parents and their children by providing support and resources so that families can become self-sustaining and thrive. Sole of the CommUNITY directly helps single parents with advocacy, prevention, wellness, mental health, and commUNITY resources. Healthy and smart parenting is a critical component and a major responsibility to bear alone, yet often mothers and fathers are forced to parent without the support.  Sole is a commUNITY of support.


Our Founder

Nashon Mitchell is the founder and president of Sole of the CommUNITY, Inc, a non-profit advocacy association dedicated to empowering single parents and their children, established in honor of her daughter who passed away in the summer of 2021. She is a contributing member of the Antelope Valley community and an advocate for those in need throughout the community, and has been changing lives for 20+ years. Nashon continues to move the community forward with her leadership and incredible work ethic. She works directly with our vulnerable communities, with a mission to improve their mental health, create self-sufficient tendencies and match them to careers in high-growth industries. Her vision and ability to nurture relationships lead to long term solutions and success.

Nashon graduated from Cal Poly Pomona with a Bachelor’s in Sociology. Her strength is being a leader and developing relationships with community members, local businesses, school districts, city officials, and government agencies. Nashon is an elected Delegate 39th Assembly District, Los Angeles Democratic Party. Her current position is with the Los Angeles County Office of Education, Career Development Program Specialist funded by the Department of Public Social Service.

She continues to incubate life-changing initiatives with forward-thinking and integrity throughout the community. As a proud California Democratic Party Black Caucus Member, Antelope Valley NAACP member, SEIU 2015 and a member of California Black’s Women’s Health Project-Sister’s Mentally Mobilized, she is a person with influence whose opinion and judgment are respected and trusted.

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